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Published on 04 Sep 2018 / In Film & Animation

Our living room finally looks complete with the new farmhouse coffee table that my husband just built. Watch the process from start to finish in this DIY video. Click SHOW MORE for sources!

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I have wanted a coffee table in our living room for probably about five years now. You know how it goes, though, life gets in the way of projects, and they just slip right down the priority list.

In the place where a coffee table should usually sit, right in front of the wingback chairs, I positioned a thrifted bench. I covered it with a DIY ruffle bench slipcover, so it was pretty enough, but wasn't the best place to set a drink or plate.

When the magazines contacted me about doing a photo shoot in our home, they said they wanted a coffee table for the living room. They say they could either

A. Go buy one. or

B. Hire us to make one, that we could keep afterward.

Obviously, I chose the latter! This was the very excuse I needed to finally check that project off the list. And now we had a deadline.

When my husband, and his grandpa, built the farmhouse table in our dining room, I found the build plans on Ana White. If you are into making the furniture in your home, or even just trying your hand at small woodworking projects, her site is where its at.

We also used it to build the porch swing on our front porch.

Needless to say, I knew exactly where to turn for coffee table plans.

We settled on the Tryde Coffee Table plans from Ana White. It kind of looks like a mini version of our dining room table. Since our living room and dining room are all in one giant area, I kind of wanted them to have the same vibe.

For both the tables, we used Minwax stain in the color Weathered Oak. It is very light colored, so it shows the wood underneath, and gives it a gray tone. And you all know I love gray!

When my husband and I were building the porch swing, we discovered a little furniture building hack. Instead of borrowing a truck to go down the hardware store to get all the wood, and then lugging it home to make all the cuts, we took the cut list to the hardware store to have them do them.

It takes a little more time up front at the hardware store, but when you get home its all ready to assemble. Plus, all the lumber fit in our minivan, along with the 5 kids.

So, as long as your kids aren't all at the store with you, and cranky because they didn't eat dinner yet at 7 pm, its a great option. #notthatimspeakingfromexperience

Farmhouse Coffee Table DIY Plans Video
Farmhouse Coffee Table DIY Plans Materials
For this project we used Douglas Fir lumber from the Home Depot. For our farmhouse dining room table, we used Pine, but Lowes' saw was down. Since we needed to have them pre-cut everything so we could fit it in our van, we decided the lumber difference wouldn't be too big of a deal. I can hardly tell they're different, honestly.

1 – 2×2 8′ length board

1- 2×6 8′ or stud length board

4 – 2x4s 8′ or stud length boards

1 – 4×4 post at least 6′ length

2 – 1×4 boards


Wood Putty


Matte Polycrylic

Scrap fabric, such as drop cloth, for applying the stain

Paint brush to apply Polycrylic

Farmhouse Coffee Table DIY Plans Instructions
Make all the cuts from the Tryde cofee table plans on Ana White. I recommend having the Home Depot or Lowe's workers do this when you are still at the store. (Ana White does recommend holding off on cutting the tabletop pieces until th...

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